Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Awesomest First Blog Post You've Ever Read

Here it is people - my riveting attempt into the world of blogging.  Soon, I'll be rocking your world with a comprehensive overview of sweetshops across America and abroad but for now I thought I'd start with a look at my journey in the magical world of cupcakes.  Cupcakes are so 2009.  and 2010. and 2011 and 2012 and are hopefully around for a long time.  There was a time when cupcakes were just for kids.  Even if your mom couldn't create a 3 tier wedding cake, a Halloween costume or barely throw together macaroni and cheese out of a box *I'm looking at you Big Mama!* You knew that when it was your birthday, there would be a box cake mix and a tub of frosting with your name on it slapped together and presented to your class in your honor.  It was your day!  You could look around at your classmates with pride as they licked Betty's finest frosting off their fingers with crumbs all over their chins and sticking to their math worksheet.  It was your day, your moment and your chance to look at these kids smugly and think "yeah - that's right!  You had a cupcake today because of me so I don't wanna hear your crap today!"  Back in the day, the kids with summer birthdays didn't get this honor.  Now I think they celebrate summer birthdays in classrooms all throughout the year.  My older siblings' birthdays are in August - I don't think they ever had cupcakes in school.  They also didn't have hand-me-downs so we all had our crosses to bear in the Snarky household.

The rise of the cupcake in the last few years brought on a new life to niche bakeries.  In a time where big box stores have taken over many industries, bakers have had a resurgence through these niches and the local bakery has made a comeback.    Cupcake shops, trucks and carts have put cupcakes on the map.  TV shows like Cupcake Wars, Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes took cupcakes and cake decorating and the art of cupcakes from birthday celebrations to serious works of art. Love them or hate them, the celebrity baker has brought this art form to the general public and given many of us courage to try new things in the kitchen in hopes of emulating the magic we see on TV.  Cupcakes are now all grown up.  Complex flavors, creative fillings and newer methods of decorating have put cupcakes back into our lives and are mainstays at parties, restaurant dessert menus, coffee shops and even weddings.  I love the cupcake.  It's the perfect dessert.  Just the right size and with such variety of frosting and decorating techniques, there are literally millions of ways to make a cupcake.  You're limited only by your imagination.

I found cupcakes as my creative outlet during grad school.  Balancing a full time job, two-three nights a week at school and a 40-50% travel schedule was putting me in a frazzled state.  Cupcakes started as a treat for a finance class but has since turned into a full time hobby.  Then graduation came and it seemed like I could make a hobby a business but the gang in my state's legislature prevent me from having a home-based baking business.  Since I'm not really looking to leave  my real job (*which also has me cavorting with real bakers!) I bake for fun and for friends.  Sometimes those friends do fun stuff like get married and let me bake a lil' something for their special events.  So I present to you my first wedding cupcakes.   They are a mix of a chocolate stout cupcake with whiskey ganache filling, a red velvet, a champagne cupcake with a pastry cream filling and a good old fashioned vanilla cupcake.  I'm so lucky to have participated in my friends' wedding this way and I'm thrilled that I've gotten a lot more requests for more events!  I can't imagine my life without frosting...mmm....

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  1. Great blog debut, Jude! Looking forward to following your baking adventures. And Anthony and I were MORE lucky to have you participate in our wedding...what an impressive AND yummy cupcake spread you came up with! Can't wait to see (and taste) what other creations you come up with!