Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Broad Abroad

Sometimes you have to see the good in things that seem like a pain in the ass.  For example, sleepless nights at far away hotels and time spent racing through or waiting in airports means  a magical treat:  Frequent Flyer Miles!  YESS!!!!  All the work trips are worth it when you finally cash in your miles for a free vacation flight somewhere and this time it was Dublin!  So among all the sites:  Christ Church, Glasnevin Cemetery, and the Guiness Factory, I managed to suss out the really important details of the local landscape and culture like the best bakery in town. 

I researched where to go in advance but was unsuccessful in finding some of the places that Google told me about.  I managed to ask the locals who directed me to a shop cleverly named "The Bakery".  I usually just look for a cupcake shop but this place seemed too good to pass up.  Other reviews claim that it's good for a quick sandwich or soup or snack.  But I'm on a mission for cupcakes. 

The Bakery is in Temple Bar - a touristy area also frequented by locals for its many shops, restaurants and trendy bars.  I found it on one attempt on a Sunday but it was closed - I couldn't find the hours posted on the door so we tried again on Monday.  Finally at about 4:10 we popped in and they had quite a few cupcakes left so I got a vanilla.  They had some standard flavors, nothing exciting or original so I went with something simple.    It was AWESOME!  The cake was moist but had a small cell structure.  The frosting was good but a kindof unoriginal buttercream although they added some white (and pink) chocolate shavings in the middle which brightened up the frosting texture but didn't add much in the way of flavor.  I would have liked a fluffier frosting but that's how buttercream rolls - sometimes it's just too think.  Still yummy and I actually ate the whole thing.  I'd give The Bakery 3.5 stars out of 5 on my arbitrary scale.  It was a solid cupcake with good flavor but they lacked imagination in cupcake types - maybe because they aren't cupcake exclusive?  And the buttercream could have been lighter - again -maybe because they make so many other things.  

Either way - The Bakery is worth a stop if you're in Dublin!  They had all sorts of treats that might hit the spot for you when you're there!

Here's my cupcake experience:

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