Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Fishes!

Everyone loves birthday cake!  And everyone loves vegetables!  Okay - I love vegetables...don't even get me started on beets but I guess not everyone loves them quite as much as me.  One day I will make a cake with kale in it.  But this was not that day.  When a couple of good friends get married, you go to lots of parties to celebrate with them... a shower, a bachelorette party, a rehearsal, etc.  And when the bride makes a small request to help celebrate the groom's birthday, the day after the wedding, you do whatever you can to make it great for them.  When my friend, the Lovely Lauren asked me if I could make a cake in the shape of a goldfish cracker, I was happy to jump on it.  Turns out, her (now) hubby, eats the cute little fish with dinner instead of vegetables.  Maybe I should introduce him beets - the most delicious of all veggies. 

Anyway - this was quite possibly the easiest cake to make.  A simple dark chocolate single layer cake with a thin layer of buttercream and covered in fondant and airbrushed gold.  How cute is this little guy:

And because their wedding and his birthday was a weekend in May, it coincided with a First Communion for which I made cakepops!  And when a 7 year old says "Can you make pink cakepops with white sprinkles?  No! Rainbow Sprinkles!?"  You nod your head and say "Definitely!"  

Don't these look appetizing?

I've got so many more fun baking projects coming up!  And as always - Go Beets!

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