Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Epic Valentine Fail

I recently saw a pretty simple technique to cover cupcakes with chocolate - similar to how you might have a cakepop with chocolate but instead of dipping, you just pour the melted chocolate over and un-frosted upsidedown cupcake.  With the cupcake on a wire rack, the chocolate would cover nicely but just run off.  So instead of covering a cupcake I thought I would try  making cakepop "dough", shape it into hearts and pour the chocolate over it.  It went....ok.   I probably should have been more methodical about the shaping.  Mostly I made a ball, flattened and tried to get it heart-shaped.  I made a bunch of different sizes even using a tiny cutter.  Some of the shapes look ok.

Then I put them on my wire rack and started the pouring process.  Without a doubt I was too stingy with the chocolate - I poured on a little and tried to spread it with a lollipop stick.  This one was bad:

This one is a little better:
So finally I said @#$%#@ it.  (I say that a lot.) And I dumped a whole lot of chocolate on the fattest heart.  This definitely gave the smoothest finish so the obvious thing to do was write on it.  I added a little drippings to make the white one fancy and so it wouldn't feel left out in a sea of pink hearts.  In your face pink hearts!   These turned out just OK.  The backsides were bare - although perhaps that's V-day appropriate - and I wonder if they would "keep" as well as cakepop dough that's completely coated.  Also, you have to wait until they are set to move them off the wire rack but once it's dry, it's also dried to the rack - @#$!#!  So I used a spatula to remove them but they are a little less sturdy than a cakepop so then the chocolate cracked #$%$@!     They still tasted good and I'm sure they wouldn't be that hard to improve but I am worried about the opportunity for microbe to grow in the exposed back.  Even if Cupid did like it. 

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